Terms & Conditions of participation at CirqueScape

We are committed to keeping you safe while you train with us. These Terms & Conditions (“T&Cs”) are designed to help with this by providing you with important information about CirqueScape’s rules of safe practice. By using our training space and facilities, you are agreeing to abide by these Terms & Conditions. Please read through all of them carefully and make sure you understand them.

This policy may change from time to time so please check it periodically. It was last updated on 27 March 2019.

As with any sport or training, there is an inherent risk of injury involved in the activities we provide, but you can minimise the risks by following these rules:-

1. Train within your abilities

  1. Listen to the instructors – they are there for your safety. Do not get on any piece of equipment until they have told you that it is safe to do so, and if they tell you to stop using a piece of equipment, stop using it
  2. Do not progress to a new height until instructed to do so
  3. Stick to what you know – don’t jump on a piece of equipment you haven’t been trained on
  4. Use untutored training time to work on moves you already know and are confident you can perform safely – wait until you can receive proper instruction on how to execute new moves. Don’t independently try something that you saw someone else doing – there might be important elements of the move that you’ve not noticed or understood that could make it unsafe for you to try just yet
  5. Training together and working on moves together can be fun, but do not teach new skills to other people. Instructors understand common mistakes and know how to safely spot someone trying a new skill for the first time. They also may adapt the way they teach a new move depending on the skills and strengths of the particular student. Teaching someone else that trick you learnt last week may seem simpler than it actually is. For the same reasons, do not accept instruction on a new skill from anyone other than one of CirqueScape’s qualified instructors. Enjoy your training time and leave the teaching to CirqueScape’s experts!

2. Avoid unnecessary risks

  1. It’s important to warm up and cool down properly – there are compulsory warm ups and cool downs in each class, but it is ultimately your responsibility to decide whether you feel sufficiently warmed up to be doing what you’re doing. Everyone’s body is different – if you don’t feel ready yet, spend some more time warming up before diving into training or a class. Listen to your body. Do take the time to stretch and cool down properly after you finish a training session. Cool downs and stretching are an important tool in injury prevention
  2. Always train with a buddy – there should always be someone in the room who is capable of coming to your assistance should anything unexpected happen. Do not use the equipment unless there is someone else in the room who is aware you’re using the equipment
  3. Avoid loose clothing – it can get caught in the equipment which could trap you and might tear or stretch the clothing
  4. Don’t eat or chew gum in the studio – sticky hands make for sticky equipment which we’d like to avoid, and eating or chewing while training can also be a choking hazard
  5. Always use safety/crash mats when you’re practising anything that could involve you falling. This includes but is not limited to aerial training, handstands, acrobatic work and partnering work. Always do everything you can to protect yourself from injury
  6. Never participate in any training while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substance that may impair your ability to participate safely

3. Be alert to hazards

  1. Remember that there is solid metal equipment hanging from the ceiling, as well as people – keep your eyes and ears open as you move through the studio – make sure you’re not walking head first into a trapeze bar, a hanging person, a flying hula hoop or anything else
  2. Be aware of what’s going on around you – make sure you’re not going to kick, hit or otherwise cause a danger to anyone around you. Be mindful of how much space you need around you to safely train any given move

4. Injuries

  1. You must report any incidents or injuries sustained during the session to an instructor. This includes any cuts or torn skin

5. Use of equipment

  1. Remove all jewellery before touching any equipment, even if you don’t mind if the jewellery gets broken. It could get tangled or caught which might cause injury to you or might damage our equipment. We’d like to avoid both of these scenarios
  2. Make sure that there are no zips or other non-fabric embellishments on your training clothes – similarly to jewellery they can get caught on the equipment, potentially causing damage or injury
  3. If you think a piece of equipment has been damaged or compromised then you must report it to an instructor
  4. If you bring your own equipment to train on or with then it is your sole responsibility to ensure that that equipment is safe for use. If you allow anyone else to train on or with your own equipment you must make it clear that it is your own equipment and does not belong to CirqueScape, and you assume sole responsibility for its use
  5. If you train on equipment that is not owned by CirqueScape then you do so entirely at your own risk
  6. CirqueScape reserves the right to prohibit use of equipment in the studio that is deemed inappropriate for any reason

6. Bookings/Cancellations

  1. All bookings must be paid for in full to reserve your place, and spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis. You can book scheduled classes through our bookings page.
  2. We offer drop-in classes to provide the flexibility that modern life requires – we know it’s not easy to commit to the same time every week for a class. We also keep our class sizes small, and so if you find that you can’t make it to a class you’ve booked then your options are to transfer or cancel the booking. Please read the conditions on these options in full below.
  3. It’s possible to transfer your class booking to another date or time up to 48 hours before the scheduled start time of the original booking. You must do this by clicking the “view booking” button on your booking confirmation email. The classes that are available for you to transfer to will be given when you click the “transfer” option. Each booking may only be transferred once.
  4. You will have the ability to cancel a booking up to the scheduled start time of that booking. You must do this by clicking the “view booking” button on your booking confirmation email and hitting the “cancel” button. If you’ve booked multiple classes then make sure you cancel the correct booking, as we may not be able to rectify a mistake if the space has been filled. Please be aware that you will not be refunded the cost of the cancelled class, but if the space in your originally booked class is subsequently filled from our waitlist by a paying customer then we will offer to transfer the credit to another class.
  5. If you cancel a party or private/bespoke booking then refunds will only be offered under exceptional circumstances and entirely at CirqueScape’s discretion.
  6. Of course, if a class or booking is cancelled by us then a refund or option to transfer will be provided.

7. Media/Photography

  1. Be aware that we may be video recording any part of the studio for safety, training or promotional purposes at any time. It is your responsibility to let us know if you do not consent to footage or photographs of you being used for promotional purposes
  2. You are welcome to take pictures or videos in the studio, provided that you are not compromising your own or anyone else’s safety by doing so. If you wish to share any images or footage then make sure you have permission to do so from anyone who appears in the footage, even if they are just in the background
  3. Do not record or photograph someone else as the main subject or purpose of your recording without their specific consent. This includes recording instructors during lessons – we’d rather you were listening to the instructions than focusing on recording equipment

8. Code of Conduct

  1. You must respect other people. Be responsible for yourself and aware of the welfare of others
  2. The decisions and instructions of the staff must be respected and followed
  3. Please do not pressure anyone to do anything they are not comfortable doing, everyone must progress at a pace they are comfortable with
  4. Please be considerate of any other people who may be using or present in the facilities and be respectful of their needs. Remember that there may be children around so keep your language and content of discussions appropriate
  5. Parents are responsible for making sure children understand all of these Terms & Conditions to the fullest extent possible for their age
  6. Parents are responsible for their children at all times when they are in the studio with them
  7. CirqueScape accepts no responsibility for the security of personal belongings such as phones, cameras, personal stereos, items of clothing or any other personal possessions. Instructors and staff cannot accept responsibility for the security of personal belongings
  8. CirqueScape will not tolerate any of the following behaviours:-
        1. Bullying, in any form;
        2. Any form of abusive or threatening behaviour;
        3. The use or possession of drugs or any illegal substances.

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