Juggling is a surprisingly tough workout, and is great for developing coordination.

There have also been numerous studies on the benefits to the brain of learning to juggle. And it’s a pretty awesome party trick! 

“Life is a juggling act… the trick is determining which balls are made of rubber and which ones are made of glass”

Once you’ve mastered the basics, juggling with a partner and learning passing tricks is great fun.

We can teach you to juggle rings, clubs, bean bags and even our ever-popular bouncy balls!

Don’t worry if you don’t pick it up as quickly as someone else does – we all progress at our own pace and it just means you’re exercising your brain more!

Learning to Juggle at CirqueScape…

We don’t currently have any scheduled group classes for juggling, but if you have a group that wants to learn to juggle together then you can book a private tuition session, a party, a family fun session, or a private workshop.

Solo private tuition

You can book a solo (or one-to-one) private tuition session.

Solo private tuition is a great opportunity to focus on your technique, which often leads to faster progress and a better understanding of the skills you’re learning.

Head to our private tuition page to find out more (including prices) or to request a booking.

Small group private tuition

You can book a small group private tuition session for up to three people.

Small group private tuition is a great opportunity to share the fun (and the cost) of private tuition while still benefitting from the extra attention that your instructor can give you in a smaller group.

Head to our private tuition page to find out more (including prices) or to request a booking.

Gift vouchers

Looking for a fun gift for someone?! Head to our gift vouchers page for more information or to make a purchase.

Did you know…

… that the oldest known depiction of juggling dates back to 2000 B.C. in ancient Egypt. The Romans were also said to juggle with weapons and shields, but after the fall of the empire juggling seemed to fall into obscurity and become associated with low social standing. Towards the end of the middle ages it was once again recognised as a skilled art form, and in the mid-1700s the signature move of  “L’incomparable Dupuis” was to finish his apple-juggling routine by catching them on three forks – one in each hand and one in his mouth.

Want to see what juggling at CirqueScape looks like? Watch this video!