Private Tuition

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can progress in a private tuition session. With all of the focus on you, we can work on anything you choose and tailor the session to your needs – all while having great fun.

You can request a beginner fast-track private tuition session if you’re looking to get yourself up to speed to make the most of our mixed-level classes. These cover the basics needed to feel right at home in a group class.

What happens in a private tuition session?

Each booked private tuition session will cover a single discipline, so you can choose a session of trapeze, aerial hoop, aerial silks, hula hooping, juggling, handstands, stretch & flexibility, or general circus skills… Check out our gallery for inspiration. You could try one discipline this week, and a different one next week!

You can share the fun with friends or family, or go it alone – we’ve got solo, small group and large group private tuition sessions available.


We can offer private tuition sessions at various times at weekends and on weekdays. Exact availability varies week to week, depending on existing bookings and instructor availability.

If you let us know what sorts of days/dates/times might work for you then we can let you know what availability we have that might suit. We can book you in for a one-off session, or for a regular slot – just let us know which you prefer.

Contact us for more info or to get booked in.

“A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image”

Is there an age limit?

The short answer is no! We’ve had six-year-olds and sixty-year-olds in for private tuition sessions, and everything in between. Be aware that what everyone gets out of the session will depend on their own age and also the age range in the group.

If you’re not sure whether a private tuition session is right for you or someone you’d like to book for then please feel free to email us or give us a call. We’re happy to chat you through the best options for each age range.

Gift Vouchers

Looking for a fun gift for someone? You can buy a gift voucher for private tuition with us!

Head to our gift vouchers page for more information or to make a purchase.


Solo Private Tuition


Small Group Private Tuition (up to 3 people)


Large Group Non-Aerial Private Tuition (up to 6 people)


Large Group Aerial Private Tuition (up to 6 people)


* works out at £30 per person for two people or £20 per person for three people
** works out at £12.50 per person for a group of six
*** works out at £21 per person for a group of six, or £42 per person for a group of three (giving each participant their own set of silks for the session)

Got a larger group or want a longer session? Check out our private workshop packages!

Solo and Small Group Sessions

Tell us what you want to work on or what you want to achieve, and the lesson will be structured around your goals. With all the focus on you, your instructor will be able to work on perfecting your technique and making sure you have loads of fun!

Aerial sessions will be on a single piece of aerial apparatus, so all participants in a small group private tuition session must be happy to share the same piece of apparatus.

Large Group Sessions

Our large group private tuition sessions are particularly suitable for groups of friends wanting to try something new together, or for celebrating a birthday or big day. Let us know what the occasion is and we’ll let you know what would work best for your group.

Aerial large group private tuition sessions will be set up in a similar way to our aerial group classes, with three hoops/silks/trapezes rigged and participants (if more than three) paired up so that each piece of equipment is used by two people during the session.

Did you know…

… that one of the benefits of private tuition is the free environment it provides for open discussion. At CirqueScape we encourage you to ask any question you may have about a move, our equipment, or anything else you’re intrigued to know about.

But if there are questions you’re shy to ask in front of a class, or if you want an in-depth discussion about something in particular, then a private lesson is a great place to tap into the wealth of knowledge that our instructors have.

Away from the Studio

We have a portable aerial rig that is available to hire for workshops and events, which you can see in action on our events page.

We can teach sessions indoors or outdoors… check out our park classes page and our Party in the Park blog post to see some outdoor sessions in action!

If you’re interested in any of the above then contact us to let us know what you’re looking for.

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