Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that circus skills might seem like a scary new world if you’ve never tried it before, but we promise it’s really not if you’ve got experienced instructors showing you the way (like here at CirqueScape!)

Have a read through these frequently asked questions to find out more about what we do, and if you’d still like more information then please feel free to contact us.

  • Wear close-fitting sportswear – baggy clothes can get in the way
  • Bring a few layers of clothing to help you get the most out of your sessions with us
  • For aerial classes, make sure you bring clothing options that allow you to cover your armpits, midriff, and backs of your knees as this can help to prevent friction burns
  • Please don’t wear anything with zips, velcro, or other non-fabric embellishments – it can damage our equipment and won’t be comfortable for you either
  • Remove all jewellery before using the equipment. Any jewellery that can’t be removed must be securely covered with tape
  • Make sure fingernails and toenails are trimmed and smooth, as they can catch on the equipment
  • Any kind of lotion applied to hands or feet within a few hours of your class will make it more difficult for you to grip and balance, so save that for afterwards
  • A bottle of water (there’s a cafe at the centre where you can buy water if you forget to bring some)
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Having a pair of well-fitting socks is useful in some classes – pop some in your bag just in case. Sometimes it’s more useful to have grippy socks, sometimes it’s more useful if they’re not grippy. If you’ve got both, bring both!
  • A small towel might be useful to dab off sweat, depending on what class you’re joining
  • Feel free to bring your own yoga mat, you’re welcome to use it to stretch on. If you’re joining in our park classes then you’ll need to bring a yoga mat, or a thick blanket or towel if you don’t have a mat.
  • Yoga blocks if you prefer to use your own
  • Make sure you’ve got enough clothes with you to keep warm during cool downs, stretch sessions and on your way home
  • If you’re joining an aerial class and you like to use rosin or chalk then please bring your own along
  • Other than that, just yourself and a can-do attitude is all we need from you!

Please arrive at the studio no more than 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of your session. This is for operational and health and safety reasons – if you arrive early then please wait outside until five minutes before your session is due to start.

Visit the “getting to us” section on the contact page of our website for information about getting to the studio.

Spectators are not permitted in the studio – only those participating in the booked activities may be in the studio during a session.

If you’ve made a private booking (private tuition, family fun session or party) then you’re welcome to use your phone to take pictures or videos of your session so that you can share the fun with family and friends afterwards! Please make sure you’re complying with our T&Cs while taking any pictures or recordings.

The exclusion of spectators is for health and safety reasons, and we cannot make exceptions – please don’t ask us to.

 Classes for adults

Prices range between £10-20 (depending on length and type of class). To check prices for specific classes, head to our weekly classes page.

Courses for kids and teens

Prices for our kids and teens courses will vary depending on how many weeks are in the term. Information on our current courses can be found on our termly courses page.


We sometimes run school holiday workshops for kids and teens, and occasional specialist workshops for kids, teens and adults throughout the year. Prices for our workshops will vary depending on length and type of workshop.

Head to our workshops page to see what we’ve currently got scheduled along with prices.


Our party packages start from £126 for a 1 hour party. For more details head to our party packages page.

Private tuition

We have various options for one-to-one, small group, and large group private tuition.

For more details and prices, head to our private tuition page.


If we cannot provide you with your session as booked

Then you will be offered the choice of a refund or a transfer of your booking to another date. We will aim to make this process as quick and easy as possible for you.

Please know that having to reschedule your session is the last thing we want and we will do everything we can to avoid it.

If you cannot make it to a session you have booked, but we are still able to provide your service as booked

Then first and foremost, refer to our T&Cs which set out your rights.

Please remember that we have a finite number of spaces available, and when you make a booking with us we reserve one of those limited spots for you. If someone else then requests that slot, we decline their request in order to honour your booking. If your plans subsequently change for any reason, it would be difficult for us to accommodate that without compromising our own ability to operate effectively.

Registering someone else for your booking

For most booking types, you are welcome to find somebody who is willing and eligible to take over your booking (check T&Cs for full details) – if you’re not sure whether they’re eligible then you can ask us.

Whoever takes over your booking can then register for the session in your place, just send us an email copying in the person who will be taking over your booking so we know what’s happening. You’re then welcome to book a new session at a time that suits you. Note that you must arrange payment for the original session between yourselves, it will not be refunded by us.

Private bookings

Although our T&Cs do not provide for transfers or cancellations, we may very occasionally be able to agree to discretionary postponements of private bookings in exceptional circumstances. However, please note that this won’t always be possible and it’s certainly not something we can offer on a regular basis. The more notice we have, the more chance we have of being able to make it work for you. But the best solution is for you to find someone to take over your booking for you.

If your session is postponed at your request

If it does turn out that we can postpone your session to a later date, then please have reasonable expectations of what we’re able to offer as an alternative. You may need to be willing to be slotted into an alternative space at the last minute if you can’t make it to your originally booked slot. Your new slot may not be on the same day of the week or at the same time as your original session. You may need to accept an altered version of your booking. There may be an administrative fee for adjusting your booking.

Please note that we simply cannot reschedule a booking more than once – if you can’t make it to your rescheduled session then you will either need to find someone to take your place, or forfeit your booking.

Group Classes for Adults bookings

We cannot postpone, transfer, or cancel any group class bookings, but you’re welcome to pass your spot on to someone else who is eligible to join the class and arrange payment between yourselves.

After-School Course bookings

We cannot postpone, transfer, or cancel any After-School Course bookings.

Why we need to do it this way

We’re doing our best to balance the needs of our guests, our staff, and the business as a whole. We understand that life doesn’t always go to plan, but we can only accommodate so much flexibility for our guests without compromising our own ability to operate effectively.

This means that we will sometimes need to apply our T&Cs strictly even if we’d love not to. To operate any other way could affect our ability to pay our staff at the end of the month, and we’re simply not willing to treat them that way. We hope you wouldn’t expect us to, either.

Your alternative options

If our cancellation policy doesn’t suit you then you’re welcome to request a booking at shorter notice, rather than securing your booking in advance. Short notice booking requests will be accepted subject to availability.

The short answer is, you’ll only ever be as high as you want to be – we won’t force you to do anything you’re not comfortable doing.

Bear in mind that the aerial hoops and trapeze bars have to be at a level that you can reach from the floor so you can get onto them. Beginners will work close to the floor (with apparatus at roughly the height of a swing in the park) while we get you comfortable with being on the equipment. More experienced students often work with the bar at around head height, so it’s a bit like sitting on someone else’s shoulders when you’re sat on the apparatus.

Our rigging points are also height adjustable, so if you’re small or would prefer to be closer to the ground, we can lower the equipment for you. Never go higher than your instructor has told you to, and if it’s not clear to you then ask. Your instructor will know what height is safest for your skill level, and you will always have a crash mat underneath you.

No! We cater to all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. Of course, if you have any medical or physical concerns about the suitability of our classes then please consult a doctor before joining us, but as long as you’re medically fit to participate anyone can, and should, join in!

We can build up your strength and confidence by setting you achievable goals that suit your abilities – you’ll be flying before you know it! Everyone has to start somewhere, but if you don’t try it you’ll never know…

Our rigging has been professionally installed and is regularly tested by qualified experts who have many years of experience in rigging for aerial arts. Our equipment is capable of holding the weight of multiple people at one time. You’ll be just fine!

Like any new activity, circus skills classes might work some muscles that you didn’t know existed. But that’s the whole point of trying a new physical activity, right?! Your body should adapt pretty quickly to the new challenges you’re setting it, and if you don’t come away with a couple of bruises to show off then did you really even go to an aerial class?!

If you’re worried about how anything feels then have a chat with the instructor – there may be adjustments you can make.

Classes for adults

Classes that are suitable for beginners will be clearly marked on the schedule. Please see our beginners page for details on what skills you need to master to join our mixed level classes.

You’re welcome to book a beginners private tuition session to help you get up to speed with the skills needed for a mixed level class.

To see the class schedule, head to our weekly classes page.

Courses for kids and teens

When you’re registering interest in a course, let us know what your child’s level of experience is and we’ll slot them into a course that will suit their ability (subject to availability).

Information on our current courses can be found on our termly courses page.


The level of each workshop will be noted on the booking schedule, so check before you book that you’re signing up for an appropriate workshop.

Head to our workshops page to see what we’ve currently got scheduled.


Our parties are suitable for complete beginners – no previous experience necessary!

For more details head to our parties page.

Private tuition

As private tuition is a bespoke product, it will be geared towards the level of everyone who is joining in.

Participants in group private tuition sessions don’t all need to be at the same level, but be aware that the dynamic of the session may be different if there is a wide range of abilities within the group.

For more details and prices, head to our private tuition page.

Our children’s classes are currently run on a half-termly course basis.

Our adult classes run on a weekly basis. You can sign up week-to-week or, if you prefer you can sign up for a month at a time by making a block booking.

Head to our weekly classes for adults page for more information on our classes for adults.

Absolutely! You can have private tuition in any of the individual skills on offer – it’s a great way to progress as we can tailor the sessions to your needs and desires!

Head to our private tuition page for more information or to make a booking.

Absolutely! We’ve had some really lovely feedback about how much fun guests have had at our parties. Head to our parties page for more information.

Please note that anyone under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed to participate in the activities, so if your party is for adults then make sure any celebratory drinking is done after you’ve had your fun with us!

If our party packages don’t cover your requirements then drop us an email letting us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll let you know if we can put together a bespoke package for you!

There are showers, changing rooms and lockers on site for you to use, so it’s easy to head straight on to work after a session with us! Make sure you bring a towel.

You’ll be able to see the age limits for our weekly classes on the booking schedule, which you’ll find on our weekly classes page. In general, if you want to come along to our regular adult classes then you’ll have to be aged 16 or over.

For children aged 15 and under, we’re currently running after-school courses.