If you’ve never tried aerial arts before then we’d recommend trapeze as a great starting point for building the strength that aerials require. The bar gives you a place to stop for a rest, and there are some fun moves we can try with the ropes too!

“Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from flying”

The two broad disciplines in trapeze are swinging and static. Our classes are in a form of static trapeze, which means we let the trapeze hang straight down without swinging on it. Both of the ropes are rigged from the same point in our classes, meaning that the ropes and bar form a large triangle shape and the trapeze can spin freely on the rigging point. This setup is commonly referred to as a “dance trapeze” setup.

Our classes focus on making shapes on the equipment and moving through sequences, gradually building your skills as you get stronger and more confident. But these sessions will also help you build relevant strength and knowledge to give you a headstart if you ever decided to give flying trapeze a go in the future.

People are often surprised by how much they achieve in their first trapeze session. So if you’re not sure if you’ll have enough strength for it, why not just come down and give it a go? We’re very friendly, we have a lot of fun, and you might just surprise yourself along the way!

Learning Trapeze at CirqueScape…

Adults – we are currently running a limited group class schedule for adults. Head to our weekly classes page to find out more and book in

Teens – teens aged 16+ can join in our adult classes

Children – we’re slowly trying to reintroduce our group classes for children (under 16), but in the meantime you can book a private tuition session for a small group or on a solo basis

Solo private tuition

You can book a solo (or one-to-one) private tuition session.

Solo private tuition is a great opportunity to focus on your technique, which often leads to faster progress and a better understanding of the skills you’re learning.

Head to our private tuition page to find out more (including prices) or to request a booking.

Small group private tuition

You can book a small group private tuition session for up to three people.

Small group private tuition is a great opportunity to share the fun (and the cost) of private tuition while still benefitting from the extra attention that your instructor can give you in a smaller group.

Head to our private tuition page to find out more (including prices) or to request a booking.

Gift vouchers

Looking for a fun gift for someone?! Head to our gift vouchers page for more information or to make a purchase.

Did you know…

… the leotard took its name from French trapeze artist Jules Léotard. Monsieur Leotard was a pioneer in the circus world, developing the art of flying trapeze using his father’s swimming pool as a substitute for a safety net. The skin-tight garment was his signature attire.

Want to see what aerial classes at CirqueScape look like? Watch this video!