Release of Liability Agreement

In relation to classes, tuition and general participation in aerial and circus skills training and related activities: “the Activities”

1. I declare that:

  1. I understand that the Activities are physically demanding and I am in an appropriate physical condition to participate.
  2. I have taken medical advice on any pre-existing conditions or concerns and confirm that it is medically and physically safe for me to participate in the Activities.
  3. I will inform the Activities organisers of any physical or medical conditions that may result in me requiring special attention.
  4. If my physical condition changes (due to injury, illness, pregnancy, or otherwise) I will seek medical advice before continuing to participate in the Activities.
  5. I acknowledge that there are risks involved in the Activities, and fully assume the risks associated with my participation.  I understand and acknowledge that the Activities organisers (including all teachers and volunteers) provide no warranties, and I indemnify the Activities organisers and instructors against any costs or losses resulting from my participation.
  6. I agree that to the extent permissible by law, the Activities organisers (including all teachers and volunteers), any sponsors and other parties associated with the Activities, have no liability to me for any direct or indirect loss (including but not limited to injury or death) sustained by me during or in any way related to my participation in the Activities.
  7. I will participate in the Activities in a manner that does not endanger either me or others.
  8. I have read and agree to comply with the rules and regulations set out in the Terms & Conditions pertaining to the Activities. I know how to locate these on CirqueScape’s website and will check them regularly, both for updates and to refresh my memory of them. I understand that it is my responsibility to make sure I know and understand all of the rules, regulations, terms and conditions of participation.
  9. I understand that I may receive physical adjustments to enhance or correct my body posture or position during class by either the teacher or an assistant. I take accountability for alerting the teacher or assistant of any injury or impairment that may be affected by these adjustments, or if I do not want to receive any assists.
  10. I understand and agree that situations may arise during the Activities which may be beyond the immediate control of the organisers (including all teachers and volunteers).
  11. I understand that the organisers may photograph or video record any activity in the studio area for safety and/or training and/or promotional purposes and I consent to such video recording.
  12. I authorise the use of my name, voice and image in any broadcast, telecast, promotion, advertising, and in any other way, without compensation. It is my duty to inform the Activities organisers if I choose to withdraw this consent.
  13. I understand that if I bring my own equipment to train on or with then it is my sole responsibility to ensure that that equipment is safe for use and I must have my own public liability insurance policy in place in order to do so. If I allow anyone else to train on or with my own equipment I will make it clear that it is my own equipment and does not belong to the Activities organisers, and I assume sole responsibility for its use.
  14. I understand that if I train on equipment that is not owned by the Activities organisers then I do so entirely at my own risk.
  15. I understand that if, in the Activities organisers’ opinion, my behaviour is unsafe, disruptive or otherwise inappropriate then I may be asked to cease participating and/or leave the premises. I understand that I have no right to continue participation in the Activities if this happens, and I will not be refunded or compensated.
  16. I consent to receiving medical treatment in the event of illness or injuries suffered during or after the Activities.

2. If you are making this declaration on behalf of another person, as a parent, guardian or caregiver, or as the lead party for a group or team booking:-

  1. I declare that I have explained the conditions listed above to the named participant(s) (and/or each individual’s parent, guardian or caregiver as appropriate) on whose behalf I am making this declaration. I have shown them where they can find this Release of Liability Agreement and the related T&Cs on CirqueScape’s website and I am satisfied that they understand the conditions of participation.

Last updated: 20 October 2018

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