Hula Hoop

You’d be surprised at how quickly you can progress in hula hooping with a teacher, and by what a great workout it is for the core, abs and arms… You can burn the same amount of calories in an hour of hooping as you can in an hour of badminton, and it can also improve your mobility and flexibility!

“You’ve got to be a beginner before you can be anything else”

If you’ve never tried hula hooping before then fear not – we all have to start somewhere!

We’ll get you comfortable with basic waist and arm hooping before moving onto anything more fancy. A word of warning though… adding more hoops to a move can quickly become an addiction!

Learning to Hula Hoop at CirqueScape…

We don’t currently have any scheduled group classes for hula hooping, but if you have a group that wants to learn to hula hoop together then you can book a private tuition session, a party, a family fun session, or a private workshop.

Solo private tuition

You can book a solo (or one-to-one) private tuition session.

Solo private tuition is a great opportunity to focus on your technique, which often leads to faster progress and a better understanding of the skills you’re learning.

Head to our private tuition page to find out more (including prices) or to request a booking.

Small group private tuition

You can book a small group private tuition session for up to three people.

Small group private tuition is a great opportunity to share the fun (and the cost) of private tuition while still benefitting from the extra attention that your instructor can give you in a smaller group.

Head to our private tuition page to find out more (including prices) or to request a booking.

Gift vouchers

Looking for a fun gift for someone?! Head to our gift vouchers page for more information or to make a purchase.

Did you know…

… hula hooping has been around for centuries, in various forms. Charles Panati cites reports of doctors treating patients for pain and injuries following a “craze” for hooping with heavy metal and wooden hoops in 14th century England. The Native American hoop dance (performed with hoops made of willow branches) became popularised in the 1930s, and not long after that a plastic version was successfully marketed in the 1950s which led to a renewed craze worldwide.

Want to see what hula hooping at CirqueScape looks like? Watch this video!