Circus Skills Classes

Our circus skills classes are a great way to set you up for the week ahead. Not only will you be learning new skills, you’ll also be getting some great exercise (for your brain as well as your body). But the focus is very much on fun, not on working out!

“When all else fails, join the circus!”

We have a variety of ground-based equipment for you to play with at our circus skills classes, including hula hoops, spinning poi, spinning staff, diabolo, rola bola, juggling balls, juggling clubs, juggling rings, and the ever-popular bounce juggling balls! Intrigued? Come on down and find out what it’s all about!

Did you know…

… that you can burn over 500 calories in just one of our circus skills sessions?! It’s also good for the soul… the NHS advises that learning new skills can improve your mental wellbeing. Read all about it on their advice page about stress and anxiety. Or better yet, just come down and give us a try to find out for yourself!

Learning Circus Skills at CirqueScape…

Adults – we are currently running a very limited group class schedule for adults. Contact us on for more details

Teens – teens aged 16+ can join in our adult classes

Children – current restrictions do not allow us to operate our scheduled group classes for children (under 16), but you can book a private tuition session for a small group or on a solo basis

Solo private tuition

You can book a solo (or one-to-one) private tuition session.

Solo private tuition is a great opportunity to focus on your technique, which often leads to faster progress and a better understanding of the skills you’re learning.

Head to our private tuition page to find out more (including prices) or to request a booking.

Small group private tuition

You can book a small group private tuition session for up to three people.

Small group private tuition is a great opportunity to share the fun (and the cost) of private tuition while still benefitting from the extra attention that your instructor can give you in a smaller group.

Head to our private tuition page to find out more (including prices) or to request a booking.

Gift vouchers

Looking for a fun gift for someone?! Head to our gift vouchers page for more information or to make a purchase.

Want to see what circus skills classes at CirqueScape look like? Watch this video!